5 Fascinating NFT Projects Created By People In Dubai

5 Fascinating NFT Projects Created By People In Dubai

5 Fascinating NFT Projects Created By People In Dubai

On the back of Emirates announcing its launching NFTs and allotting significant investment in the META space, this post takes a look at Dubai residents, the trailblazers who, in the last year, have been paving the way for the general population’s transition into the world of NFTS.

“But wait! What’s an NFT?” Non-fungible tokens, (AKA NFT)  are blockchain-based tokens that each represent a unique asset like a piece of art, digital content, or media. An NFT is ownership and authenticity for a given asset, whether digital or physical. (Via Amazon)

5. Dubai Dad Deam Munro created an NFT project in memory of his son

You might remember Dean Munro. He joined The Lovin Dubai Show to talk about the storybook he wrote in memory of his son, Monte Gray Noel Munro. Monte was born with myotubular myopathy, a rare condition that causes severe muscle weakness and breathing difficulties and he tragically died in hospital, without ever having the chance to leave,  Dean wrote a book ”Monte’s Adventure to the stars” in his memory.

Now, Dean is bringing Months story to the world of NFTs, ‘the aim of this project is to carry on raising awareness and supporting children born with Myotubular Myopathy. With your help, we can make a difference.’

Dean told Lovin Dubai ‘The story which goes with this NFT explains this journey with the final line in the book being, ”He’s up there now looking down on you”. I know in my heart he’s up there looking down on us and making our lives better. This NFT and the collection, in my opinion, is the BEST one you will be able to buy because of the story.’

Learn more about @montes_stories here

Dean Munro shared why he wrote the book back when it was first released

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4. A 12-year-old’s fascinating NFT collection got her a scholarship to a Dubai school and Gary Vee has already bought one

Successfully selling out one NFT project after another, Yasmeen caught the attention of Hartland International School, which offered her a three year Art Scholarship for her efforts!

What is it? ‘ELVEN is a collection of 6000 randomly generated elven girls with more than 100 different traits.;

ELVEN is the second full-scale NFT project from acclaimed young artist Yasmeen Suleiman, following her highly successful 1/1 project, #NFTeacups. The artwork is all hand-drawn by Yasmeen and based on an original style of character she has been sketching, painting and doodling since she was 10 years old.’

View the collection here

Buy them on Open Sea here

Hear more about the project here

3. Artist Waleed Shah created an NFT project to give back to the local community

In December 2021, the renowned photographer, behind the poignant campaign “Rock Your Ugly” and “Mowjood” announced his entry into the NFT world, with a campaign that sought to give back to the community.

What is it? ‘The project that started to help people navigate the pandemic has a new twist, providing additional support to participants. Session bookings for Mowjood are now only accepted via purchasing one NFT from the existing collection, which in itself contains previous images of the project. The majority of the revenues go directly to the person in the image purchased, hence, rewarding them with royalties for life.’

How doe is work? ‘The idea is to help people understand the world of crypto and NFTs. Photoshoots booked with the artist can now be done by purchasing an NFT from the Mowjood collection, and the majority of the revenue goes to the person you purchased the NFT from.’

See more from the project here

Throwback! Waleed Shah joined The Lovin Dubai Show to talk about the highly praised Rock Your Ugly campaign

2. Dubai based Kristel was the first female Arab artist to join the NFT world

Why? ‘I wanted to be an early incorporator of this amazing technological development into how I presented my art to the world.’

What is it? ‘Beauty in Diversity and is an exploration of a new method and process recently introduced to the art world. With artwork as a Non-Fungible Token, we are at the precipice of a tech-art renaissance where the future awaits…’

1. Dubai Peeps – The first Dubai Community NFT Collection

What is it? Dubai Peeps are the first NFT Limited Edition Collection based on the people of Dubai. Each NFT has a name and tells a story with a total number of 1000 characters. The artist of this project is a sculptor who has made sculptures for many commercial and private projects with one of them being of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and is connecting the art would with digital with Dubai peeps.
Learn more here

Watch the founder of Dubai Peeps explain the new community

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