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We Tried A Two Day Detox Cleanse And The Results Were Not What We Expected

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Some are dubious of ‘juicing,’ a controversial fitness trend popularised in the States, in which no solid foods pass your lips for as long as you intend to juice. While it can shift some initial weight, how can it have lasting long-term benefits? 

Others, on the other hand, maintain that it is a genuine way to reboot your body’s way of thinking and help kickstart a healthier life, while breaking bad food habits. The people at Detox Delight are definitely some of the latter. Detox Delight is a Dubai based cleanse provider offering a whole range of options, starting from one-off day cures to 20-30 day cleanses; in the cleansing business since 2008, these guys are proof that juicing is not a fad.

I tried their two day soup and juice cleanse to see what it’s really like…here’s how I got on:

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The facts

Juicing is a total detox of your body, done by consuming only fresh, untreated fruit and vegetables.

All ingredients used by Detox Delight are raw, vegan, gluten free, natural and organic. You can choose a juice-only cleanse, a cleanse including soups or a combinations of juices, soups and balanced meals. 

The company will provide you with all the info you need for your detox, including how to prepare for it, tips for during it (when hunger strikes) and, most importantly; aftercare. All info is laid-out in a handy guide you’ll receive by email and, if you have any more questions, anyone from the Detox Delight office will be happy to help you out. 

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It’s not as hard as you think

It really isn’t. Each juice (four per day) is 500ml. The key is to follow the instructions carefully. Wait as long as you can in the morning before you start your first juice, sip the juice slowly and GUZZLE water. H20 is your friend; if you feel like snacking, have some water and see how you feel in ten minutes. A detox like this does totally reset your body – even in two days, I was surprised at the results. 

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What to expect

The evening before I was due to start, I received a big box of goodies; eight juices, two soups and two ‘snacks’. Did your ears prick up at snacks? Of course you can snack if you NEED to, but the detox will work better of you manage to refrain, which I’m proud to say I did *self-pats on back. 

Everything I tried was fresh, tasty and packed with goodness; although the curry lemongrass soup was easily my favourite. The cleanse is really manageable. I made it through work each day with no real issues, but by 4pm I hit a slump; luckily I still had a soup and juice to go, so I made it through comfortably, knowing it was just a two day cleanse (some people can last at it for a week!).

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Did it actually work?

You can’t expect a miracle in two days, but I was happily surprised with the results. On the weighing scale I was down about a kilo, but what was most noticeable was how much flatter my stomach felt and stayed. You might expect to want to gorge after two days with no solid foods, however my appetite has reduced. Rather than a big brekkie and lunch the next day, I was more aware of how much I ate and felt full more quickly. Thinking of starting a diet? This is the perfect kickstarter. 

Why bother?

Detox and Cleanse your body; a great way to rejuvenate your body in a healthy way

It’s super convenient with food brought straight to your door. No time wasted shopping or cooking (perfect if you’ve got a busy lifestyle)

Surprisingly, there’s less temptation during a cleanse, since you won’t be in any supermarkets (make sure you fridge is empty before you start!)

You’ll feel lighter

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle – there is no magic formula, but use a cleanse to start-off a healthy eating plan the right way

The important bits

Detox Delight has an entire range of detox cleanses. Hard core juicers will love the total juice diets, brave newbies (like myself) will like the juice and soup options and for a longer cleanse, the combination of both soups, juices and balanced meals should suit most.

Detox Delights also offers specially snacks for purchase; all raw, vegan, organic and gluten free. Alternatively, the handy guide provided offers a range of super healthy snacks you can prepare yourself.

For more info and prices check out their website

What we didn’t like

It’s pricey. A typical day cleanse will cost anything from AED 370.

Ramadan Deals

For anyone fasting this Ramadan, staying healthy can be a bit of a nightmare, especially with the abundance for amazing Iftars going on. Detox Delight have provided a healthy alternative to the usual feasting. Check out more info about their Ramadan packages here

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