This Epic 3 Michelin Star Florentine Restaurant Has Slipped Into Dubai Almost Unnoticed


The Artisan by Enoteca Pinchiorril has made its way from the shores of Italy to the sands of Dubai. Located in an area known for its business and food, the DIFC, the Artisan interchanges perfectly between business lunch and sumptuous dinner. 

Contemporary Art Deco And Elegance 

Entrance Art

The Artisan is a beautiful Italian Restaurant tucked away in the DIFC.  The entrance to the Artisan has an air of exclusivity about it.  A double-door entrance greets you framed in mirror glass with olive trees on either side.  A sign etched in gold hangs above the doorway indicating you have arrived. 

Entering the restaurant, the feeling of exclusivity continues as you enter an artistic tunnel that has you emerge into the heart of the restaurant which has been illuminated by natural light streaming in from the windows lining one side of the room. 

The interior of the restaurant has an art deco style, yet relaxing atmosphere with a contemporary take that leaves you with a comfortable feeling of simplistic elegance.  Gold accents, frosted mirrors, and the bold use of geometric shapes can be found within. The minute details throughout the room definitely keep your eyes wandering. The decor of the restaurant comes together to create a perfectly relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.  

Gold accents, frosted mirrors, and the bold use of geometric shapes

Interior E
Dsc9845 Hdr Edit

And Now, For The Main Event – The Food

Just like the atmosphere of The Artisan, the food is a marvel in itself.  Although, the restaurant is Italian you won’t find any mainstream dishes that first come to mind, such as the basic arrabiata pasta, or a pesto linguini. 

A three-course lunch menu offers the diner an exceptional meal, taking your tastes buds on a trip through the finer side of Italian cuisine. The dishes definitely taste as good as they look, which in itself is an art form.  The Artisan has mastered the menu so that each aspect– the herb garnishes, or creamy sauce– all fit harmoniously together to create an exquisite meal. Although, the dishes are artfully small, the food is quite filling and the diner leaves satisfied. 

If you’re hoping for a caprese salad think again. The Artisan’s starter menu is far more unique. While it does offer a selection of homemade pizzas, the recommended appetizer is the slow cooked octopus. Although it looks delicate, this mini-starter packs quite the flavorful punch, and left my mouth watering for the main course. 

To accompany my octopus starter, I selected the grilled scallops.  The scallops were cooked perfectly and placed in a delicious chickpea puree. The addition of the chickpea was a lovely surprise that placed the dish nicely in the Dubai setting. There definitely was no need to add any salt or pepper!

It wouldn’t be possible to have an Italian restaurant without this traditional dessert.  Not only is The Artisan’s Tiramisu stunning, it is also delicious. And with this espresso packed dessert, no afternoon coffee is needed. 

This Octopi-ed My Thoughts Long After It Was Gone


Scallops Grilled To Perfection

Scallops 2

Tie It All Together With A “Pick Me Up”


3 Michelin Stars And 3 Cheers

The food and restaurant both live up to its name, without either one over-powering the other.  The Artisan makes a lovely choice for a business lunch, that will definitely impress your guests and maybe even help you close a deal.  The lunch hour is typically quite, allowing the food and atmosphere to be taken in over business conversations. 

The Artisan 

Lunch Hours: 12pm – 3pm

Dinner Hours: 7pm – 1am

Telephone Number: 04 338 8133

Location: Burj Daman Building, Level P5, DIFC


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