These Changes To The Driving Licence Process In Dubai Will Make Everyone’s Life A Lot Easier


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) wants the driving training course to have a better structure therefore it has made some changes you should be aware of.

Right now, driving classes in Dubai are 30-minutes long with a minimum requirement of 40 classes, but this is going to change from 1 January 2017 and we definitely think it is for the better!

Those who want to apply for a driving licence need to take classes that are an hour-long

It makes the trip to your class worthwhile, and the number of classes drop as well.

This is how it will work:

If you do not have a driving licence from any country then you need to register for 20 classes, each one-hour long.

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If you have a driving licence from your country that it is two to five years old then you need to take 15 classes, each one-hour long.

And if your driving licence is more than five years old then you take only ten classes, each one-hour long.

RTA also announced that a student can’t train for more than four hours per day

For every two hours of practical training, a student must get a break of one hour before they can continue their training for another two hours.

Schools offering classes include:

Galadari Driving School: 04 267 6166; Al Ahli Driving School: 04 341 1500; Belhasa Driving School: 04 337 1142; Dubai Driving Center: 04 345 5855; Emirates Driving Institute: 04 263 1100;

Main image credit: Galadari Motor Driving Centre

Other road related news: this new rule means you’ll get a replacement car after an accident.


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