Dubai Safari Park’s Opening Delayed To Next Year And The Weather Is Being Blamed


Earlier this year we told you that Dubai Safari Park would open in 2016. 

Unfortunately there’s been a delay. Not just to the soft opening that was to happen this month but to the grand January launch as well. The 119-hectare zoo will now open on 31 March 2017.

A hot summer is the reason for the delay…

It slowed down construction at the venue and it also held up the importing of quite a few rare breeds of animals. 

However, the park is around 60% finished. Work is still on at the theatre, restaurants, Asian-themed walk-through area and entrance. The open safari village is nearly finished as well.

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Dubai Safari also houses a quarantine facility to prevent diseases from spreading. Currently, 50 animals are held in, but they should be moving to their designated spaces this month.

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