Watch: This Emirati Businessman Is Falsely Arrested In The US


An Emirati businessman, said to be from Abu Dhabi, was detained by police in the US city of Avon in Ohio after being mistaken for a Daesh member. According to a UK newspaper, the man is in the US for medical reasons.

The incident happened in the Fairfield Inn on the evening of June 29th when a clerk working at the hotel made a call to 911 emergency services claiming that a hotel patron pledged allegiance to Daesh.

The incident was captured by a Police body-cam and was then aired by News Channel 5. 

The video shows the police officers, who are carrying assault rifles, approach the hotel entrance where a man dressed in Kandoura and Arab headdress is talking on phone in Arabic. The police officers then yell at the Emirati man to get on to the ground. The man is then taken down by the officers and handcuffed.

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After it was established that it was a false alarm, the police removed the handcuffs and tried to explain the situation to business man. However, shortly after this the man collapsed to the ground and was taken to the nearest hospital.


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