Hotel Room Prices Have Increased Post-Flood

Anika Eliz Baby

Booking a room in any Dubai hotel right now will set you back AED 800- 1000 for just two nights.

After the April 16 rains caused severe flooding and damage to property, the demand for hotel rooms has witnessed a sharp increase in the city.

This comes after several houses were flooded deep and got stuck without electricity and water.

The red numbers below are approximate prices (in AED) for a one-night stay in a 3-star property… 

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For the next few weeks, a room in Dubai will set you back AED 800- AED 1000, but in May the prices are halved

A month-by-month comparison shows how prices reduce back to AED 500 by May 2024.

This can be attributed to the increase in demand, but several residents are appealing to basic ethics when it comes to pricing during a time of need.

Dubai-based content creator @dxb_hun has voiced her concerns over Instagram, calling out unfair pricing during a time of need

Her story read,

“You know what I also found quite sad, is that hotels have put their prices up drastically because basically people need them.
Really, in this time when people need it the most shouldn’t hotel chains stop being greedy and maybe think about reducing the rate for people. I’ve paid a fortune for 3 nights in a basic hotel, luckily I can afford it, but there are so many people who can’t. So shame on you big hungry hotel chains.”

But some hotels have been kinder, giving away rooms at discounted prices to all those in need

For example, Premier Inn Middle East has launched a special weekly room rate to support Dubai residents who have been impacted by the recent storm. This is for anyone in need of a safe, affordable place to stay.

They charge for one week what other hotels charge for 1 or 2 nights.

The weekly rate, for 7 nights, is available until 5 May. They are charging from AED 1250 at Premier Inn Dubai Dragon Mart and from AED 1300 at Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis. Dubai residents can also take advantage of 20% off on food and drinks at the hotels’ restaurants, as well as through room service.


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