The Map Of Dubai Has Completely Changed…And Here Are The Images To Prove It


Nothing like a good aerial picture to show us what’s going on in the city.

Thanks to the Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre, we now have a clear idea of how the map of the city has changed since water was released in the Dubai Canal a few days ago.

What’s different?

The entire 3.2 km’s of Dubai canal is now a functioning waterway turning majors parts of the city into an island. Areas like Satwa, Downtown, Bur Dubai and Business Bay are essentially islands (luckily the canal will have a fully functioning boat services in case traffic is bad).

Water now flows from Dubai Creek to the Arabian Gulf

The water was released into the canal last week, however work is still ongoing to finish off the project. Pedestrian walkways are being built, along with restaurants and shops at the edge of the canal.

From this…

Screenshot 2016 11 07 At 5 38 28 Pm

To this…

Screenshot 2016 11 07 At 5 38 12 Pm


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