​Dubai To Get 9 More Family-Friendly Food Truck Parks In The Next Six Months


Not very long ago there was a phase where our Instagram feed was full of pictures taken at Last Exit – the food truck park. 

Now that the weather is only getting better, we expect it to happen again. If you’ve been there and love it, you’d be happy to know that Dubai is getting nine more similar food truck parks. 

But, if you haven’t been there yet…this is what you need to know:

Roads leading in and out of Dubai will have these unique food truck concepts

The nine new locations include an additional park on Sheikh Zayed Road (across from the first project) two at Al Ain Road, one at Hatta, one at Al Khawaneej, one at Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, two on Emirates Road and one at Al Qudra Road. 

These should be open within the next six months and each of them will have a unique design – pretty much their own identity. 

Each destination will have between 20 to 40 food trucks open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

These venues will also include play zones for children, spaces for walking and exercising, open air cinemas and business centres.

And if you’re in a rush…

Meraas, the developer of the project, will introduce an app that will allow people to order ahead of their arrival to Last Exit. They can then pick up their ready order from designated collection spaces.

Check out these 13 photos that will make you want to go to Last Exit TODAY.


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