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17 Things You’ll Get In Abu Dhabi That You Simply Won’t Find In Dubai

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We wrote an article, “16 Things You’ll Get In Dubai That You Simply Won’t Find In Abu Dhabi” which was met with some enthusiasm, questions, and some outright rage from our neighbours in the capital. 

So we got to talking, and our Abu Dhabi friend, Arabian Notes (Lindsey Parry) has a few things to respond to our article. 

We felt obligated to share her thoughts on why Abu Dhabi can totally compete with Dubai. 

Take the floor Lindsey: 

We Abu Dhabi dwellers unashamedly love our capital and, it may surprise some to know, are no strangers to fun! 

So when the Lovin Dubai team came calling with the Dubai-centric article of the same name, a chance to respond was an opportunity too good to refuse – let’s set the record straight…

1 The largest and most spectacular mosque in the country seems like a good place to start – the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Boom.

2 And as home to some of the country’s most famous attractions, tourists will never be stuck for things to do here

3 Or how about at the first true Links golf course in the region

4 And Ferrari World is home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster AND the highest rollercoaster loop on the planet

5 Abu Dhabi is also the only place in the UAE you can get the full Formula One experience (on wheels, or on foot)

6 And we can’t help but be proud when bringing visitors to spots as incredible as these

Qasr Al Sarab

Al Jahili Fort 

7 Though yes, the variety of restaurants may not be as wide as in Dubai, but we can live with the likes of these

8 There’s no beach in the UAE like the public beaches of the Capital, many of which have been awarded the coveted Blue Flag status for cleanliness and quality…

9 And lest we forget the Corniche – running along the ENTIRE stretch of the city shore and including 8km of manicured beachside waterfront (not to mention the free public cycling and running paths), is pretty hard to beat

10 As for parties, Abu Dhabi knows how to throw down with the likes of the city’s infamous Liquid Rain Parties at Aloft

There’s even a whole island devoted to the party lifestyle…

Or for something a bit more exclusive… 

11 While contrary to popular belief, Old Abu Dhabi is still visible right in the heart of the city…

12 There’s even a whole part of the city running solely on solar power and renewable energies

13 There are mangroves – wildlife galore can be found within the expansive natural and protected mangrove forests

14 The capital also lays claim to some of the world’s most striking and innovative architecture…

15 Including a seven star palace to call our own – the Emirates Palace, stretching a whopping 1 kilometre from wing to wing…

16 There’s a clear vision of the future with more than an eye on cultural activities

17 And last but not least, we couldn’t write about unique Abu Dhabi and not include the jewel in the  crown – Al Ain, 

Known as The Garden City for its greenery and renowned as the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding Father of the UAE.

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