The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road Has Just Opened With Plans To Ease Congestion


As if we don’t have enough reasons to celebrate National Day at the moment, we’ve now been given a new road! The 62-km highway from Abu Dhabi and Dubai has been inaugurated today and it is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the region. And, it shares it’s name with the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road has been completed one month ahead of schedule in the hopes of easing congestion between the two cities. The motorway begins where Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road ends in Seih Shuaib and it has a capacity for 8,000 vehicles, with four lanes travelling in each direction. 

“This historic project was managed and carried out by two Emirati engineers, which reflects the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed for greater roles, responsibilities and opportunities for the youth to enable them to innovate,” 

Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed, Deputy Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council

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