5 Reasons You Need To Hit This Spot Before Your Kiddos Head Back To School

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Ding ding ding! School is in order.

The school days are about to begin and there’s no better way to get your little ones excited than with some brand new, comfortable kicks!

Embrace a new school year in style with ECCO’s latest Back-to-School collection that beautifully combines practicality and fashion

This lineup isn’t just about shoes; it’s the perfect blend of form and function that promises comfort and trendiness for students.

ECCO has a bunch of back-to-school marvels lined up for your little ones

ECCO has once again outdone itself with a collection that’s bound to make heads turn.

Created to cater to the diverse needs of kids aged 4 to 17, this assortment effortlessly merges top-quality materials with contemporary designs, ensuring that the kiddos are comfortable throughout the day, from classroom to after-school adventures.

Keep scrolling to see all the reasons why you need to get some ECCO ASAP!


5. Their shoes prioritise comfort so your kids can stride through any path 

ECCO’s Back-to-School collection is all about embracing your daily routine with confidence.

Designed to be versatile and resilient, these shoes are a great companion for whatever the school day brings your way. From sleek leather formals to high-performance sports shoes, the variety caters to every taste and need.

4. No more tripping on open shoelaces

Say goodbye to fumbling with shoelaces!

ECCO’s new collection introduces quick-fastening straps that make wearing your favourite shoes an absolute breeze. No more tying knots – just slip in and out comfortably, making those transitions between study and play seamless.

3. Vibrant colours, unmatched comfort

No more settling for plain and dull shoes. Your champ can be the belle of the ball this semester.

ECCO’s Back-to-School range offers a vibrant spectrum of colours that not only look great but also come with unbeatable comfort. With ECCO’s specially designed soft and lightweight soles, you’re in for an all-day treat.

2. Support that Goes the extra mile 

Durability is key and ECCO gets that.

For your little ones who are bursting with energy all day, ECCO has incorporated an innovative SHOCK THRU material that absorbs shocks with every step. So whether they’re running around the track or chasing their friends, the feet are well cared for with all that extra support.

1. More Than Just Footwear – Backpacks with Flair

But ECCO’s magic doesn’t stop at shoes. The Back-to-School collection extends to a delightful range of lightweight backpacks made from top-tier materials. Complete with padded shoulder straps, these backpacks effortlessly combine style and comfort.

Where to Find ECCO’s Back-to-School Collection

Ready to up the school game?

ECCO’s latest Back-to-School collection is available in stores and online. Don’t miss your chance to experience a blend of comfort, style, and durability like never before. To learn more, head over to ECCO!


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