8 Insightful Podcasts From The Dubai Works Series You May Have Missed

Anika Eliz Baby

The DUBAI WORKS Podcast has officially released 200 episodes since its launch in January 2019!

That’s 200 episodes of getting up close and understanding the mindset of several founders and their startups- we’re talking BIG ideas in a big industry.

Here are 8 episodes of the Dubai Works Podcast that you may have missed in 2022!

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8. EP 194: Dr Adil Alzarooni, Founder of Citizens School

Dr Adil Alzarooni, Founder of Citizens School Dubai. Citizens focuses on each child’s unique requirements. Empowering them with choices to explore themes, expand interests, and determine the routes that they want to go on to reach their full potential, without compromise.

Topics: – The Story Of Citizens School Dubai – The education sector in Dubai – Looking Ahead With Citizens School Dubai

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7. Ola Hesselroth, CEO at Euvic UAE

Ola Hesselroth, the CEO at Euvic, an IT Services Consultancy firm that creates digital products, infrastructures, software and innovations.

Topics: – The Story Of Euvic – The Consultancy Market In Dubai – Euvic’s Plans For The Future

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6. Rupert J Connor, Founding Partner at Abacus Financial Consultants

Rupert Connor, an expert financial planning fiduciary adviser and one of the founding partners at Abacus Financial Consultants, an industry-leading and multi-award-winning financial firm in the UAE.

Topics: – The Story Of Abacus – Financial Consultancy In The UAE – Looking Ahead: What’s Next For Abacus?

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5. Walid Shihabi, Co-Founder and CSO of Keyper

Walid Shihabi, the co-founder and CSO at Keyper, UAE’s first-of-its-kind PropTech app, curating an ecosystem of real estate stakeholders to provide the best experience for property investors.

Topics: – The Story Of Keyper – The Tenancy Market In The UAE – Keyper’s Plans For The Future – Proptech Expert Advise on Short-Term Rentals (World Cup 2022)

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4. Leyla Azizova, co-founder of WEMA Health

Leyla Azizova, co-founder of WEMA Health, a digital health start-up aiming to tackle the rising obesity rates in The Middle East.

Topics: – The Story Of WEMA Health – The Health And Wellness Industry In The Middle East – Looking Ahead With WEMA Health

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3. Co-founder Ali Hashemi, Glucare.Health

Ali Hashemi, the Co-Founder of Glucare.Health, the first hybrid Digital Therapeutics Human vertically integrated diabetes platform of its kind.

Topics: GluCare.Health: How It All Started The MedTech Industry In Dubai Looking Ahead With GluCare.Health

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2. Muneeb Mushtaq CEO and Co-Founder At Airzai Aroma

Muneeb Mushtaq, the CEO and Co-Founder of Airzai Aroma, who have recently launched their flagship product. A smart-home fragrance diffuser that creates a mist in the safest & purest way.

Topics: – The Story Of Airzai – The Luxury Home Goods Market In The UAE – Airzia’s Future Plans

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1. Cyrus Alavi, Founder and CEO At Nüwater

Cyrus Alavi, Founder and CEO At Nüwater, a homegrown sustainable beverage brand battling the ever-growing issue of single-use plastics within the region. The company focuses on relaying the impact microplastics have on our bodies.

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