Find Out More Hacks For Ramadan With Clinical Dietitian Leila Smaily!


During Ramadan, some may find themselves grappling with weight gain while others are motivated to stick to their healthy eating plans. As the holy month draws to a close, many may feel they’ve missed the opportunity to make positive changes. However, Clinical Dietitian Leila Smaily reassured viewers on The Lovin Dubai Show that it’s never too late to adopt healthy habits, even in the final days of Ramadan.

On the show, Dietitian Leila Smaily emphasized the importance of avoiding empty calories, particularly those found in popular Ramadan drinks. She explained that these beverages, while delicious, are loaded with sugar and can trigger cravings for more unhealthy foods.

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Highlighting the significance of a balanced diet, Leila stressed the need for protein intake to replenish the nutrients lost during fasting. Moreover, she underscored the importance of quality sleep, noting that adequate rest is crucial for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.


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