It’s Time To Tip The Scales In Your Favour With The Help Of This Licensed Keto Coach

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Sticking to a diet is hard but knowing how to make it a lifestyle based on your body type is important!

It gets even harder when you live in the hub of great food, AKA Dubai. But self-control is a key aspect of building character. What’s a better way to learn it than by going on a keto diet?

KETO COACH DXB AKA Shirley D’Souza is a certified and licensed ketogenic coach who has been helping people reach their weight goals in a healthy manner for the past 4 years.

She’s the first in the market and has transformed the lives of several people with her guidance. She also has only five-star reviews on Google– so you know this is legit!


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The best part? You don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite dishes!

A good diet is more about changing your relationship with food rather than making you adhere to strict rules that you feel guilty for breaking. It’s you enjoying all food, albeit in moderation.

This is why there are no diet plans set in stone here. It’s basically eating what you like and what you believe will suit your body. Everything is on the table- even chocolates!

Plus, KETO COACH DXB provides daily mentor sessions- both one-to-one and private Facebook focus groups for women.

So you get your privacy but have a mini community to keep you motivated through your weight loss journey! So there is nothing like “getting carried away” or “going off-track”


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So far, KETO COACH DXB has helped inspire businesses and has had success with clients experiencing fertility, diabetes and obesity issues too

She currently has success stories all across the world, including New Zealand, USA, CANADA, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, France, Italy, Australia, and even Lebanon. In fact, she has even inspired two of her UAE-based clients and one Australian client to open their own Keto and clean food business.

Her most impressive success stories would be when she helped clients beat obesity by helping them shed over 30 kilos, or when she helped several clients get pregnant, including 3 sets of fraternal twins to clients suffering from PCOS, unsuccessful IVF rounds, and hormone issues conceive when they had lost all hope!

You know KETO COACH DXB is the real deal because Shirley herself relied on the keto diet to lose 35 kilos. The diet came to her rescue from 5 operations, dysmenorrhea, cholesterol and borderline insulin


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