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The UAE Team Were Held To A Draw VS Lebanon In The 2022 World Cup Qualifier

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The UAE Team Were Held To A Draw VS Lebanon In The 2022 World Cup Qualifier

The UAE National team were held to a goalless draw to Lebanon on Thursday night.

The team’s manager, Bert Van Marwijk was felt remorse for the missed chances that dropped two points in the country’s World Cup qualification final-round opener, but added that he ‘trusts in the team to bounce back quickly.’

According to The National, the UAE team almost received maximum points at the home game, which took place at the Zabeel Stadium, had Player Ali Mabkhout not missed the many chances in the first half of the match.

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The UAE had qualified for the stage due to their grand win in all FOUR of the final second-round matches in June

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Manager Bert Van Marwijk also told The National, that the team “have to play 10 games, and this is the first, so we still have nine games.” He added that the team “didn’t lose and didn’t give away chances.”

He ended his statements by reinstating his faith and trust in his players in future matches to come.

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