The Teenager Who Went Missing Yesterday During Her Morning Walk Has Been Found

Umm Suqeim missing

The missing teenager, 16-year-old Harini Karani who was reported missing as of 7 AM yesterday morning, has been found.

Residents worried after a ‘missing person’ statement was announced yesterday, claiming Karani had gone missing since her morning walk. It is her usual routine to go for a walk from 6:30 am in the Umm Suqeim area.

Her father Bharath shared the news about his daughter being missing with Gulf News and also reported it to the police. At about 8.30pm there were no reported leads on Harani yet, as posts on her disappearance continued being shared across social media platforms by family and friends.

The family of the teenager confirms that Karani was found at 11.30 pm on Thursday

Her father Bharat told Gulf News, “She has been found. She is safe,” while her aunt Prerena added that Dubai Police played a major role in helping find the teenager, who was found in the neighbouring area.

No reason for Karani’s disappearance was given or not how she was found but the community, along with Dubai Police were thanked for their efforts.

The family plead to the public for help on Thursday after they found out Harini had not returned from her usual 630-7 am morning walk

The 16-year-old is a student of a British curriculum school in Al Barsha.

Her family had also previously asked people in the areas of Al Manara Street and Al Thanya Street, between Al Wasl Road and Beach Road (whoever was up and out that morning) about Harini.

Glad she’s home safe and sound

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