The Guy Who Lead A Team Of Ultra Runners Taking On A 7 Emirates Challenge Reveals His ‘Why’


Embarking on a fitness journey can be tricky, yet Stephan Muller has accomplished what may seem impossible, running through 7 emirates in just 7 days. His remarkable accomplishment prompts numerous questions, from the practicalities of such a challenge to the underlying motivations. In an exclusive interview with The Lovin Dubai Show, Stephan shares insights into his extraordinary endeavor.

Stephan emphasizes that his success was not a stroke of luck but the result of unwavering dedication and commitment. The journey, he reveals, began long before the actual feat, with heavy preparation starting a year prior. Central to his achievement is the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle, a cornerstone Stephan underscores as indispensable. Advising aspiring health enthusiasts, he advocates for small steps, urging individuals to start with even a 10-minute routine to avoid exhaustion.

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Beyond personal accomplishment, Stephan highlights the philanthropic dimension of his endeavor. Through the Triple 7 community, he has forged a partnership with the UNHCR to support refugees affected by the crisis in Sudan.

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Moreover, Stephan sheds light on the mental fortitude required for such a challenge. Acknowledging the arduous physical training, he elucidates the equally rigorous mental preparation integral to his success.


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