5 Summer DJ Sets From Home That Have Been Entertaining The Masses


Our summer took a turn with COVID-19, but DJs worldwide are STILL. GOING. STRONG! (From home, obvs.)

And so shout out to Creative State Live, by Vuse, this is your shot of inspiration during this crazy time where you can find a seriousssss mix of the hottest DJ sets all in one place.

The brand is bringing some of the best DJs in the world together for tunes that will remind you of the best summer days and promises to keep you entertained into the wee hours (who even needs the club?!).

Creative State Live: 5 Sets To Set You Up For The Summer


5. Lebanese scenesters Jade X Tala mixed one phenomenal collection of sounds from home: Put this on the big screen for ultimate summer garden party vibes

Sink into tunes and nature with this Creative State Live, by Vuse. Watch it here

4. Sit back and close your eyes for this whopper set by Space Motion… the Serbian DJ who is giving us LIFE

Sound ON! Watch it here

3. “The Kings!” A twin living room special from Kaytek & Rami Chami

Alway an immense sound from this duo, watch it here

2. A set of serious beats by Lehar for Creative State Live Parties

Watch the full video in all its glory here

1. Last but certainly not least; can this Patrice Baumel mix PUHLEASEEE be the soundtrack for our lives

Turn off your notifications, sit back and enjoy. Watch it here.

Missed ’em live? Well, you’re in luck!

The next Creative State Live party is happening during the Eid break and many more DJs are joining! Stay tuned for more details on their Instgram account @vuse.me

Creative State Live, by Vuse, is keeping you entertained

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