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Get Up To 40% Off At Over Two THOUSAND Restaurants Across The UAE

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Budget-loving foodies get in line!

The UAE is a country made for food lovers. From street food to fine dining, we have a seemingly never-ending array of restaurants offering food from all over the world, and the one thing stopping me from exploring every single one? My bank balance, tbh.

But no more, my gourmet-loving peeps!

If you want to explore the UAE food scene, without breaking the bank, you can nab amazing discounts at restaurants across Dubai with the help of one membership. Zomato Pro is literally a no-brainer for adventurous food lovers. A Zomato product, Zomato Pro offers food discounts digitally, and it automatically wipes up to… wait for it… 40% OFF your bill at 2,500 restaurants in the UAE. *Picks jaw from floor.

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Using Zomato Pro for the first time


How does it work

The purpose of digital payments is to make our life easier and this does just that. It’s hassle-free and there are no awkward moments at the restaurant working out the discount.

To start, you pay AED25 for three months (this is a legit STEAL, considering the money you’ll save).

THEN, enter the bill amount on the app, it automatically deducts the discount, and your card gets charged.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Psst! There are new restaurants added every week and there is NO limit on how much you use this. You can use it every day if you want! #ChallengeAccepted

English breakfast, an Arabic feast, Far East delights, brunch, or sundowners? Gang’s ALL here and it won’t put a hole in your pocket

The app worth making space in your phone for

Pay AED25 for three months membership and you’ll get up to 40% off at over 2,500 restaurants across UAE

Keep your eyes peeled, there are also special Ramadan and iftar deals ongoing ALL. THE. TIME – Don’t miss them!

More info on Zomato Pro here

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Zomato Pro

Revolutionising the way you eat out with just one membership. Zomato Pro is an exclusive dining out membership which lets you enjoy discounts of up to 40% OFF at over 2,500 restaurants. To begin your foodie journey, download the Zomato app today.

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