5 Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Is The New Stylish


We all know that fashion is a statement, but wouldn’t you rather your statement said, “I care about the world around me and I look good doing it.”?  

In light of Dubai’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, Splash Fashions has created an entirely sustainable collection that is the height of cool compassion. 

Now, you can look seriously chic whilst saving the planet, that’s the ultimate #ootd right? Here’s just a few reasons why being sustainable is sexy:

1. It’s better for the earth

Sustainable fibers or sustainable fabrics limit the amount of toxic dyes, pesticides and seriously cut down the amount of carbon you give off.

2. It’s better for people

Clothes labeled under the Fair Trade Act is sustainable for a few different reasons: you can be sure that whoever made it was safe and earned a substantial wage, as well as it being sweatshop free.

3. It lasts longer

We all experience the heartbreak of when some of our favorite clothes start to come apart. Rather than splurging on the latest trends – we’re looking at you, ripped jeans, invest in something timeless that will never go out of style.

4. Your fur babies will thank you

Sustainable fashion is all about being kinder to the planet, all creatures great and small. Investing in pieces that don’t cause animals stress or even their lives means you can get dressed and looking fab completely guilt-free.

5. It’s easier and cheaper to take care of your clothes

Naturally based, sustainable clothing doesn’t have to take heaps of chemicals to maintain. You can simply wash your digs in cool water and use biodegradable detergents!


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