6 Imaginative Ways To Brighten Up Your Boring Old Toast Each Morning


Firing a couple of slices of bread into the toaster is the perfect way to start the day – along with a quick cup of tea or coffee it’s the perfect way to avoid endless prep while you’re still waking up.

The only problem? This procedure is often performed on autopilot as we dream of more time between the sheets. We don’t put any thought, effort or bother into the whole thing, and end up with hard butter cutting holes in soggy toast we forgot to remove before it cooled down.

But no more! These seven recipes will change the way you look at toast forever…

1. Hard Boiled Egg With Chermoula

Sounds like a crazy thing to be eating in the morning, but if you make the Chermoula in advance this is the perfect way to kick start the day and fill you up for a busy morning.


2. Roasted Beet And Cottage Cheese Toast

Would work as well for lunch as breakfast – or brunch if you’re one of those people who actually eats that meal at that time of day, and not at 5pm. Love all the different flavours and textures in this recipe. Perfect exciting start to the day.


3. Breakfast Toast with Fava Bean Spread and Crispy Capicola

Now out of all the awesome toast on the list you could give us a slice of this every single morning for the rest of our lives and we’d be happy out.


4. Avocado, Ricotta And Mint Toast

Perfect and super-simple little recipe for the summer. It’s bright, easy and will have you leaving the house with an extra bounce in your step.


5. Smoked Mackerel On Sourdough Toast

We all know that oily fish is good for you, and you’ll now find it in most supermarkets. This recipe is perfect to make in advance and spread it on every morning for a good healthy kick start to the day.


6. Grilled Asparagus and Red Pepper Toast

This one takes a bit longer but the recipe – but trust us, it’s absolutely awesome and it will be worth all the effort.

‘Tis a long way from marmalade, so it is.



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