11 Cool Things You Can Buy From Dragon Mart This Eid


We’re going to be slightly shameless here. Our fave part about Eid, other than time off work and the ridiculously indulgent meals with family and friends, is the Eidi we receive each year. For those who don’t know what that means – it is a gift given by the elders of the family to the younger lot. Most often it is money. 

So when you get all that cash in hand this week…head straight to Dragon Mart. If your philosophy when shopping is quantity over quality, then this is the place to be. Everything you could possibly want is available under one roof and the prices…what a steal! 

1. Lights to brighten a gloomy corner

2. Perhaps some gorgeous tableware

3. Suitcases if you’re travelling out this weekend

4. Maybe something that fits in all the essentials?

5. OTT phone cases

6. Some pretty stuff for your wrists

7. Upholstery just in case you decide to redecorate your home

8. Or a heart-shaped bed because regular beds are boring

9. LED trainers are the way forward

10. Get a head start on a beautiful garden for winter

11. Or convince your boss to get you a nicer office chair or desk


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