Rugby In Dubai Brings Nationalities From Every Corner Of The Globe Closer Together

It’s A Dubai Thing is a docu-web series exploring different cultural celebrations in Dubai where Lovin Dubai meet the people who make up this city and discover how much of their national identity remains part of their lives.

Dubai is home to nationalities from all over the world… and nowhere is it more apparent than on the sports field. Like many cities, Dubai is filled with the opportunities to play sports and this is where we found the ‘real Dubai’

Emiratis, people who’ve lived here their whole lives and people new to Dubai, from every all over the world forming a community unique to Dubai. We chose rugby but the same could be said for every sport.

It’s a Dubai Thing Ep 9: Dubai brings nationalities from every corner of the globe closer together


For nine months ‘It’s A Dubai Thing’ has explored Dubai as a cultural melting pot for nationalities and cultures

Watch episode 1- 9 on YouTube here


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