A Snapshot Of The Year Gone By Now That Lovin Dubai Is One


turned one! Yep, the BIG ONE!

We started out as a platform to show you the best this city has
to offer and one year in…we think we’ve done pretty well, haven’t we? Ah
c’mon, we’re not boasting here. It’s the feedback we receive from you
amazing lot that’s doing the talking (we appreciate the trolling too, it only
makes us better).

So from
restaurants to lounges, malls to hotels and everything in between…we told you about all that was happening in the city at any given point.

Certain things made big news and some were handy bits of
information we threw in to make life in the desert city easy (not that it
isn’t). So just in case you missed any of it, here’s a recap of the last 12

Here’s to some more years of Lovin Dubai! *wink*

September 2015

We kickstarted our first month in business with some essential
information – 23 things nobody tells you before you move to Dubai. We all
have learned some stuff the hard way, so why not make it easier for the ones
moving here.

Then there was 31 crazy ways you’ve got too used to living in Dubai. Apt for those who have been here long enough and
expect every other city to be the same. Unfortunately it won’t because Dubai

The heartbreaking news in August though was the demise of Sheikh Rashid. If only people stopped the bashing and let him rest in peace.

September 15

October 2015

Dubai is really amazing and we realised there
are things you can do in Dubai you can’t do anywhere else in the world. Cheers to that!

And with that amazement comes a bit of
curiosity. That is why we answered the 10 mysterious questions we’ve all asked about the UAE. It’s the stuff you’re secretly thinking and we’ve
answered aloud.

We also threw in some help with our list of 24 amazingly useful free apps for people in Dubai.

October 15
Oct 2

November 2015

Fridays in Dubai and brunches go hand-in-hand and because we’ve all ‘been there and done that’ we put together a list of 18 feelings you’ll experience during a brunch in Dubai. Anyone who has ever been to one will relate to everything we’ve mentioned. Trust us!

And to balance the extremely indulgent brunches, we gave you a round-up of the best gyms in Dubai. Go burn off those extra calories!

November 2015

December 2015

December was all about celebrations – National DayChristmas and the birth of a royal baby – with the exception of the Address Downtown fire on New Year’s Eve. Thankfully, everyone came out safe. Kudos to the civil defence and police teams that managed the incident! 

Dubai continued with its spectacular fireworks across different parts of the city to bring in the New Year.

December 2015

January 2016

We started the New Year giving you 15 reasons your family and friends should move to Dubai in 2016 because there’s no better city
to live in, obvs.

And if you live here, chances are you’re in love with Dubai’s
crown price as much as we are, so we decided to share some information about
him with the 10 things every Sheikh Hamdan fan should know piece. 

Jan 16

February 2016

Good weather in Dubai needs to be celebrated and Eat The World DXB was the right way to do it. London food trucks arrived in Dubai just for the occasion. Plus, it was Dubai’s 7th annual car-free day in that month and here are 15 things we learnt from that day

Other than that, there was 18 things you’ll know if you’ve ever been to Barasti Beach Bar. Bet your first reaction was ‘yeahhh’.

Feb 2016

March 2016

(Almost) everyone wants to be as adventurous as Sheikh Hamdan, so when XDubai announced it was selling tickets to XLine, people were curious to know the damage to the pockets. How much will it cost you to ‘fly’ down the XDubai zipline? gave them the answer.

The aviation industry mourned as Dubai-based budget carrier FlyDubai’s flight crashed – Breaking: FlyDubai passenger plane crashes in Russia. Nobody survived the unfortunate incident. 

March 16

April 2016

Forbes released an article – Forbes lists 9 reasons why Dubai could be the most important city of the 21st century. Irrespective, we think the city is a lesson to the world – a lesson that with vision, determination and hard work, you can achieve anything!

In the same month, Dubai drivers were warned – AED 1,000 fine and 12 black points if you’re caught eating or drinking while driving in Dubai.

April 2016

May 2016

In May we gave you 14 pictures that showed Sheikh Mohammed was the best dressed man at the races. No debate. 

It was also the month ahead of Ramadan where Dubai Police had a very important message for residents.

May 16

June 2016

Parking is an issue in Dubai and clearly this resident took the phrase ‘double parking’ a bit too seriously

In the same month, the happiness minister (yes, that’s a job
title) appointed 60 happiness officers to make us all happy and in turn make
this a happy city. Bravo!

month of Ramadan saw the start of the Sharing Fridge Campaign. It showed we’re a nation of big-hearted people. 

June 16
Sharing Fridge

July 2016

With Ramadan over, here are the 10 things we knew would pretty much happen in Dubai. Accurate or not?

Plus, July in Dubai means heat and humidity and some more heat and some more humidity. Sigh!

Jul 16

August 2016

Emirates faced an operational incident at Dubai International Airport. Social media was abuzz with pictures and videos of the incident. Here’s a quick recap of what had happened. The UAE lost a hero on that day.

The world applauds His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s vision. He decided to pay government employees a surprise visit on a Sunday morning in August. The purpose of his early morning visit was to inspect the workflow at government departments in the city. A day later he also ordered the retirement of 9 senior officials at Dubai Municipality.

Emirati Women’s Day is celebrated in August and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s tweets made it clear that UAE’s women play a pivotal role in the country’s progress and success.

August 16


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