This Dubai Tycoon Gives Away 95% Of His Fortune To Save Lives


A Dubai tycoon defies the norm, giving away a whopping 95% of his wealth to save lives. Businessman Dr. DP Singh Oberoi is proving big fortunes can fuel even bigger changes! From building homes to relocated victims to sending medical relief teams to earthquake victims, he just DOES IT ALL.

DR. SP Singh Oberoi, the head of the Apex Group, went from being a diesel mechanic to a prominent Indian business figure & philanthropist

77-year-old businessman commenced his professional career as a diesel mechanic in Himachal Pradesh back in 1977, eventually relocating to Dubai for employment opportunities.

His life took a dramatic turn following the 2010 event in Sharjah, UAE, in which 17 individuals were sentenced to death due to their involvement in a group fight that led to the death of a man.

Rejecting the notion of 17 lives being jeopardized for one, he took up their legal battle and won, albeit at a personal cost of $2.2 million. This pivotal incident spurred his commitment to contribute 95% of his earnings to humanitarian causes, leading him to establish the ‘Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust’ in 2011.

In July 2023, Dr. Oberoi said that his charitable organization, ‘Trust,’ would be constructing new homes for over 3,000 Punjab relocated flood victims

According to reports, Oberoi noted that the floods revealed instances where people’s residences were either destroyed or made uninhabitable due floodwaters. Consequently, ‘Trust’ has resolved to construct new homes for these individuals in need.

Being the humble person that he is, Dr. Oberoi does not forget the community during the holy month of Ramadan

His generosity knows NO bounds, as he selflessly distributed THOUSANDS of essential bags during Ramadan. This just represents his spirit of care!

In a recent tweet, content creator Harjinder Singh Kukreja expressed a heartfelt post dedicated to the goodwill of Dr. Oberoi

The content creator elaborated that the businessman invested $2.2 million and extensive effort to rescue 89 people from death row in four countries.

Also, his charitable trust, Sarbat Da Bhala, serves as a lifeline for many, including vulnerable Gulf women and Punjab families battling terminal illnesses.

With Dr. Oberoi’s wide-ranging projects, he just shows how massive wealth can truly drive meaningful and caring transformations worldwide. Everyone just loves to see it!

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