Why People Cheat According To A Dubai Psychologist


Dr. Bisi Laniyan from Sage Clinic returns to The Lovin Dubai Show to discuss the emotional impact of infidelity, inspired by the recent hit Netflix documentary, “Ashley Madison”. Infidelity, as Dr. Bisi emphasized on The Lovin Dubai Show, is a deeper issue with different causes. Factors like unfulfillment in relationships and individual personality traits can contribute to straying.

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Addressing common reactions, Dr. Bisi highlights the feelings of shame, isolation, and uncertainty that often accompany infidelity. She stresses the importance of acknowledging these emotions and seeking support from friends, family, or a therapist.

Whether one is the cheater or the cheated on, Dr. Bisi advocates for open communication and a willingness to work through the pain. Healing, she emphasizes, begins with accepting that it’s okay not to be okay and being proactive in seeking help and introspection.

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In conclusion, Dr. Bisi reassures listeners that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but an essential step toward healing. Whether to reconcile or part ways, the journey toward emotional recovery requires compassion, understanding, and self-care.

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