A Dubai Expat Goes Missing During Her Maldives Vacation


An 8-month pregnant woman has gone missing during her Maldives vacation.

It’s been 9 days since Giedre Vaskyte was last seen by her husband. The Dubai expats were holidaying in the Maldives when the Canadian citizen went missing.

Her husband is pleading for help and is offering an $100,000 reward according to The Khaleej Times which shared the story.

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Parmar Gursharanjit Singh and his wife Giedre Vaskyte arrived at the Intercontinental Resort on Maamunagau Island on February 12. 4 days into their holiday, Vaskyte, who’s heavily pregnant, went for a swim in the sea one afternoon. That was the last time her husband saw her.

Authorities have ended a 9-day search but her husband is pleading for more support.

Local authorities in the Maldives believe Vaskyte has been lost at sea, her husband believes she was kidnapped and is offering an $100,000 reward for information

The search for Vaskyte began after 6.30pm when her husband, who had been napping, realised she was missing

On the day she went missing, resort management began the search. Now after a combined investigation between local police, coast guards and hotel staff, which included an ariel search, surface search and diving, the search has been discontinued, with no leading information as to her whereabouts.

Local police have strong evidence to believe she was lost at sea, according to district police via the Khaleej Times. The case remains open, and her husband has put a reward of $100,000 for any information. He believes she was ‘abducted by pirates or got kidnapped’ according to the report.

The idyllic resort where tragedy struck

Praying for her safe return

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