This Is Perhaps The Best Activity To Start Your Saturday And It’s Free


Most of
us wake up on Saturday morning thinking about two things:

1) Only a few hours left before a whole new week begins. By
which we mean the same ‘ol work, deadlines, stress etc.

2) We need to recover from all the weekend indulgence.

If the latter is your concern then Lululemon has come to your

The Canadian athletic apparel retailer is offering a yoga
class at its store in Mall of the Emirates at 8.30am tomorrow. The best part:
it’s free of charge. This
is your chance to stretch a bit, feel energized and just happy in general.

What you need to do is head there in your yoga gear a little
before time so you can register and get your spot (it is an in-store event, so
places are limited). They’re providing the mats as well, so all you have to really focus on is having an amazing hour-long session.


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