This Karaoke Bar Has Just Opened And It’s A LOT Cooler Than You Would Think


Gone are the days when you associate karaoke with kitsch cheesy venues and tired clubs. This new spot is neither of those things and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

They’ve taken a tired concept and really made it cool

We were a little apprehensive about karaoke. No one’s ever any good (ourselves included) and there’s always that one try-hard hogging the mic and ruining it for everybody (that might be us too). But it’s not like that here. The main bar has a DJ (you’ll find no cringe karaoke classics here) which is a great bar in itself and then there are private rooms available for groups.

Private (soundproof) rooms mean you can breakout your inner Whitney

And play as many cringe tunes as you want…Soundproofing is probably the key here. Belt out some Whitney as loud as you please because only the chosen few inside your room will hear. A stocked bar in each rooms means everyone is eventually brave enough to give it a go and tablets filled with 15,000 song choices mean there is something for EVERYONE. 

Come here with a group of friends after dinner or post brunch

A couple of drinks in and you’ll be all set to take the mic. This a lot of fun, we promise you that. 

Want to go?

The bar is located at the Atrium in Al Habtoor city. (Isn’t everything new these days?) The area is absolutely hopping recently, with the Westin, the St. Regis, and the W bringing Dubai’s coolest kids to the area. Within the Atrium itself you have Brit pub the Rose & Crown, Zoco the Mexican and now the Blind Dragon is your newest reason to visit. 


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