There Is Confusion Over School Holidays For Eid


Eid Al Adha holidays in the UAE have been announced. 

Private sector employees get 11 to 13 September off (plus, they have the weekend of 9 and 10 September). Government employees get 11 to 15 September off (in addition to the weekend of 9 and 10 September and 16 and 17 September).

However, there seems to be some confusion over holidays for
educational institutions in Dubai. Most schools, earlier in the term, marked the Eid
holidays on their academic calendar from
11 to 13 September. The dates were marked ‘probable’.

This afternoon the Knowledge and Human Development Authority
tweeted that schools will be closed from 11 to 15 September and would open
after the weekend on 18 September. 

This has left many parents wondering whether
these dates are applicable to private and public schools or just the latter.

Schools will definitely issue a circular with the announcement this week therefore parents are urged to wait for that. Whether it’s a 5-day or 9-day break, it’s definitely one to look forward to.


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