This Short Movie Sums Up How Much Aid The UAE Has Contributed To The War In Yemen In the Last Year


Helping those in need is a popular practice in the UAE. Whether it is government-led initiatives or smaller scale ones started by residents, people generally do their bit.

On a larger scale, UAE has been pouring in financial aid to Yemen. An amount of AED 4.3 billion has been contributed to the war-torn country between April last year and July 2016.

Emirates News Agency released an animated video to give insights into how the aid is being distributed.

The underling message of the video is…

It shows an Emirati man protecting a Yemeni boy and his drawings on the walls of a bombed building with his umbrella. The boy and man then walk happily together into a better world. In a subtle way it spreads the message of unity and hope.

How was UAE involved in the Yemen war…

Between March 2015 and June 2016, a series of airstrikes in Yemen targeted the Houthi insurgency against the Yemeni government. UAE was part of that Saudi-led coalition of Arab states that were backed by the US and UK.

UAE has been one of the first countries to send aid and so far Yemen has received…

US$ 218 million for energy generation and supply, US$ 149.6 million for general program assistance, US$ 126.9 million for transport and storage, US$ 123.3 million for government and civil society, US$ 57.2 million for health, US$ 43.6 million for education, US$ 36.5 million for infrastructure development, US$ 17.7 million for social services, US$ 3.9 million for water and sanitation, US$ 1.3 million for religious and social charitable associations and US$ 0.2 million for industry.


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