Hollywood Celebs Have Been Scammed Out Of AED1.5million By A Website Impersonating An Abu Dhabi Sheikh


Dog the Bounty Hunter is just one amongst the many to have fallen prey for this scam.

Dog’s real name is Duane Chapman, he rose to fame from his own TV show called Dog the Bounty Hunter which started in the early 2000s and ran till 2012, he’s popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter ever since. Duane was formerly a bail bondsman.

He starred alongside his late wife, Beth Smith in his American television series. Duane is still getting over the trauma of his wife passing away from throat cancer on June 26 and gets hit with a scam that was about to rob him more than AED1.5 MILLION!

That’s what you call a low blow

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Duane posted this beautiful #throwback picture of his wife Beth just two weeks ago


Seriously, how does one even think of messing with this fellow right here?


Duane’s agent explains how his client got an email claiming to be from the office of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – the real Deputy Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates

Duane’s agent, Alan Nevins explains that the email stating to be from a ruler in the UAE was offering to pay Duane more than 1.5 million Dirhams for him to give a speech at the economic empowerment convention for small business owners on August 31.

The ex-bounty hunter had received a big fat juicy six-figure-cheque which would have put him in heaps of trouble if cashed out. Also, the cheque was given to him in the condition that he donates his own funds back into the charity. 
Although, the website raised red flags when they saw that the website only let them donate money through snail mail or email and did NOT accept credit cards.

Warning #2: the team from Dubai asked the Hollywood celeb to donate $250k of his own finds to the ‘royal’s’ charity and asked for his PERSONAL account deets

Ok wow, it’s important that everyone knows NOT to give out their personal account details to ANYONE you don’t know!

Well, Duane and his agent knew exactly that and when the scammers asked for his personal bank info they understood it’s a scam and took a step back to report it to the local authorities.

Duane Chapman getting suspicious of all the deals and offers he receives in the future like…

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