6 Brilliant Bits To Pick Up From Dragon Mart


Dubai’s Dragon Mart has become the stuff of urban shopping legend. Filled with all manner of ‘made in China’ goods that you didn’t know you needed, prices are negotiable and haggling – to a degree – is encouraged. And there’s even better news, Dragon Mart has now had a full-on extension in the form of Dragon Mart 2, which is twice the size of the original Dragon Mart, and there’s more expansions planned, we challenge you not to get lost in there.

From the weird to the wonderful (but we’ll be honest, mostly weird) here are some of the best things to pick up when you visit. Tip: you’ll need a mate with a car and an open mind.

Phone Cases

Are you the kind of person who sees their phone as an extension of their personality? i.e. crazy and cool? Then you’ll be in your element when you see some of the crazy phone (and tablet) cases you can get your hands on at the various stalls throughout Dragon Mart. From faux, mini designer bags to crystals galore and even fur – your mind will be blown. Perhaps not one for the more discreet shopper, these choices are obnoxiously fabulous, but still pretty inexpensive. You’re not looking at more than AED 100. Bonus: you’ll never lose sight of it on a night out again.

dragon mart iphone 15 pro max case online buy in uae


Have you ever thought about slipping on a fake engagement ring to help you make it through an order at the Barasti bar unbothered? No? Then you’re missing a trick. If you plan to rectify that situation and purchase a mock diamond, then Dragon Mart is the place to hit. Alternatively, if you just love jewellery – especially the costume kind – but don’t have a big budget to play with then the many stores in this shopping wonderland are for you. For an indication of costs, you can get a matching set of dazzling earrings, necklace and rings for around AED 200, pre-barter. There are also plenty of subtle, stackable friendship bracelets and rings which look way more expensive than they actually are.

dragon mart bling online buy in uae

All Of The Lights

If there’s one thing that Dubai does well, it’s light shows. From the Burj Khalifa to the glittering palm fronds – illumination is where it’s at. It makes sense, then, that your home should follow suit. For those in search of show-stopping shades, Dragon Mart is a treasure trove. There are stalls at every turn offering everything from the classy to the “oh, come on now” and again, all prices are negotiable. As is the beauty of Dragon Mart, prices vary depending on how good you are at patter, but a friend of LovinDubai recently got a dimmer switch (bear with us) for AED 25, as opposed to the AED125 going rate at a popular DIY chain we shan’t mention. That should give you an idea of the savings you’re in for.

dimmer switch buy online in United arab emirates online

The Coolest Trainers In Town

Yes, you’ve seen these bad boys cropping up on the coolest kids on the Dubai club scene (yep, Lovin Dubai’s editor has them) – and now we can reveal where you can actually get a pair of your very own. For anyone who thought light-up trainers were for ’90s kids, you were wrong. So wrong. With prices falling at around AED 150 you too can start your own flash mob on the dance floor. There are a few different styles and colours on offer – from sassy silver to classic white – but we’re rather partial to these pink winged wonders. Perhaps not the thing for the shy and retiring wall-flowers, but the ultimate accessory for a party starter looking for kicks.

Hoverboards and the like

Love ’em or hate ’em – you too can give the kids in your apartment block a run for their money with your very own hoverboard. Yes, they’re faddy and more than a little ridiculous but if you’re going to invest in a passing trend, then Dragon Mart is the place to do it with minimal loss. With prices ranging from around AED 1,399 to AED 2,400 depending on the make and model you opt for (there are quite a few to choose from, some offering flashing LED lights and even music to be extra annoying) they’re a fraction of the cost that they would be in the US by comparison. Just be careful trying them out in the shop, eh?

Understated Home Décor

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is in fact a large rearing horse ornament sitting nonchalantly alongside a bed that resembles a giant pearl. For the avant-garde, Dragon Mart is a paradise, where the most bonkers of interiors ideas are presented at every turn. While there is obvious comedic value, don’t be too quick to turn your nose up at the goods on offer. Those looking for unique statement pieces – perhaps styled differently to the presentation in the mall – could come away with a real find. From barber’s chairs to huge indoor flower arches (that could work, right?) it is a creative homeowners haven. As always – remember to haggle!

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