An Employee Lost AED 13,000 After Responding To Fake Emails From His Boss

Anika Eliz Baby

A Dubai resident and employee was scammed of AED 13,000 online after responding to fraudulent emails that imitated his superior.

On Monday morning, the employee received an email from his boss asking him to run an errand as a favour- he was asked to buy several iTunes gift cards from a nearby store

Following a lengthy email exchange between the two, He went ahead and processed AED 13000 worth of gift cards.

He only realised it was a scam when he ran out of money and had to call his boss.

The employee has filed a report at the nearest police station but no recovery has been made yet

He is now attempting to spread awareness about the incident. He had the following comment to make about the incident:

When you have to beat blues on a Monday morning, that is all you will be concerned about which clearly was an advantage to the imposter. Please check the email addresses not just the names on the emails and cross check by calling them if they have actually emailed. Also, report to your IT team in your company. All these Superstores should also have a preventive mechanism to stop people from getting scammed.Hope I will get my savings back.#Fingerscrossed

Internationally, stores have placed warning signs near gift cards warning against such scams

Never interact with suspicious emails that are attempting to ask for money or sensitive information

You are not legally obliged to run personal favours for your colleagues, especially those including large sums of money.

No official authority in the UAE will email you asking for your information (as seen in previous scams)

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