There Will Be No Ramadan Tents In Dubai This Year

Ramadan tent

Ramadan Tents will not be permitted to run in Dubai this year… authorities confirmed today.

The department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities announced today that no Ramadan tent permits will be allowed this year in line with the government’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

This move will effectually curb large gatherings and the opportunity for groups of people to ignore social distancing rules throughout the Holy Month. This means the tradition of mosques dishing out free meals for workers will not be able to take place, however, local organisations CAN collaborate with charities and in special circumstances, they will be granted licenses by the IACAD.

We should be reminded that these measures are in place for our safety.

Main image for illustrative purposes via @Ramadantentproject

Ramadan Tents will not be running in Dubai this year

The IACAD released precautionary measures for worshippers at mosques

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