WATCH: A Man Dropped His Wallet As A Prank In Dubai And The Responses Are Not Surprising!

Anika Eliz Baby

If there’s any video you watch today, let it be this.

If there’s anything we know about the majority of people living in Dubai it’s that this is a city of hardworking people who earn every penny they make.

So when content creator @reallifebedouin decided to test Dubai’s honesty by dropping his wallet in a public place- Dubai’s reactions were heartwarming!

That’s because we respect money- and we know how much it hurts to lose it.

Video shot by @yng_sami

“Everybody’s so nice, they’re giving it back. It’s crazy. Nobody tried taking it”

It’s a proud moment- not one person took the wallet away.

And we would expect no less.

Watch the video on their Instagram page below or YouTube:


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