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How Some Dubai People Are Getting Their Hands On The PS5

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The fifth generation of the PlayStation was released back in November 2020.

So you’re probably wondering why you haven’t seen the console in any gaming stores. Well, the reason is very simple. 

They don’t have a lot of stock. 

In fact they’ve been having this issue since the release of the console. So people around the world are finding different ways to get their hands on this machine. 

In Dubai particularly, you can’t get the console in any retail outlets. This has led to a trend known as scalping. Where some people use bots to buy multiple PS5’s (Since online outlets usually only allow one purchase per person) and sell them at a much higher rate than market price. Bots, or software that helps scalpers know when products are in stock and can hammer retailers with orders faster than any regular customer could hope to on their own. Bots help scalpers know when PS5’s are available in stock, and will continuously order faster than any normal person can do on their own. In summary, scalpers are the worth type of people, and they ruin it for the rest of us.


The normal rate to buy a PS5 in Dubai is AED2099 but scalpers have been spotted selling them for AED3149 or more

So you CAN buy one on Amazon, but it’s simply not best practice.

Since Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell on their website, you can purchase a new PS5 on PlayStation 5 Console (UAE Version): Amazon.ae

Most gaming hobbyists consider this practice unethical and they don’t purchase it based on ethics. But some people are willing to make that purchase.

In Dubai, right now purchasing from scalpers is the only way to get your hands on the next-gen system. Otherwise, you may have to wait a lot longer to get a chance to purchase one at a regular price.

There were some lucky people who were able to buy it legitimately and they’ve shared their experiences online

Why the long wait?

The pandemic caused the whole production, promotion, and unveiling to stretch way longer than it needed to. Its effect is still felt today.

Another reason why PS5 can’t be in production optimally is because, believe it or not, Cryptominers! Cryptominers use a graphics card called AMD GPU’s for their crypto mining. Due to their high demand, it’s only available for a few seconds every week.  And unfortunately, The PS5 uses AMD GPU’s as their graphics card.    

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