LOVIN EXTRA: The Dubai Matchmaker Reveals One Tip For Everyone Dating In Dubai

Dubai Matchmaker

LOVIN EXTRA: The Dubai Matchmaker Reveals One Tip For Everyone Dating In Dubai

You might have your job, your car and your home wrapped up – but what about your love life?

That’s where the Dubai Matchmaker comes in. Carving out a soaring career in an untapped industry, Christiana Maxion is helping people find love in Dubai. She’s recently signed with the world’s most expensive dating club, the Millionaire’s Club and she joined us once again to dive deep into Dubai’s most talked about topic… LOVE!

Lovin opened our DMS up asking YOU to share your dating dilemmas, and Christiana joined The Lovin Dubai show on Thursday to answer your burning questions about dating in Dubai.

Watch now: The Dubai Matchmaker drops dating advice at 23mins

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Netflix was the original streaming service that slowly but surely turned the tide on how we watch television.

Gone are the days of multiple ads and waiting one week for new episodes, even movie theatres did a total U-Turn on their strategy when Netflix made its way into living rooms around the world. Then came the Streaming Wars, when Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and Amazon Prime entered cut-throat battles for your subscription spend, but ultimately, Netflix disrupted television.

And like how social media platforms now face questions about moderation and regulation, so too are the streaming platforms. The major players are born and bred in the United States where moral guidelines differ from that of the Gulf States. And a recent joint statement by The Telecommunications and Digital Government Authority and the Media Regulation Office brought this question to the fore. The UAE government bodies (shortly followed by Cairo and a special committee of the Gulf Cooperation Councildirected Netflix to remove content that violates the UAE’s broadcasting regulations and societal values, adding that they will ‘take the necessary measures if it fails to comply.’ The move follows questions over a recently released Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous cartoon that showed a same-sex kiss. The show is rated for children aged seven and above.


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