A Ferrari Incident Resulted In A Gridlock On Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road On Monday Evening


Dubai, a city that rarely slows down, found itself in the midst of a traffic snarl on Monday evening as residents grappled with significant congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road. The gridlock, which began at 6:30pm, commenced at Dubai Marina en route to Sharjah, leaving commuters stuck in a sea of vehicles.

The evening’s journey was further exacerbated by an unfortunate incident involving a Ferrari near Dubai Internet City. This unexpected event added to the traffic delays. Dubai officials have not reported of any injuries or casualties regarding the mentioned incident.

As always, safety remains paramount, and officials urge residents and commuters to plan their journeys carefully, especially during rush hours. While Dubai is known for its efficiency and infrastructure, unexpected events can happen, reminding everyone of the importance of patience and precaution on the road.

If you’re hitting the road in Dubai, be prepared for potential delays, stay safe, and plan your travels wisely to navigate the city’s vibrant streets smoothly

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