4000 Drivers In The UAE Were Fined HUGE Sums For Not Signaling Lane Changes


The Abu Dhabi Police have released stats were more than 4000 motorists in Abu Dhabi were fined for lack of lane discipline.

It is CRUCIAL that you indicate to the surrounding vehicles on the road that you will be changing your lane to avoid any unforeseen accidents that may endanger your life and the lives of those around you.

Motorists will be fined up to AED400 for sudden lane swerving without using indicators. 

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The Abu Dhabi Police shared a lane-changing do’s and don’ts video on their official Twitter handle urging motorists to use their indicators at ALL TIMES!

Those driving without indicating lane change, please take notes.

Here we have a model citizen! You go Glen COCO!!!

Signalling your lane change is a good practice to get into even when you’re driving on an empty road


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