This Abu Dhabi Mosque Looks Just Like Jerusalem’s Dome Of The Rock


A Dubai photographer stumbled on a mosque in Abu Dhabi that looks just like Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, within the Al-Aqsa Compound.

The Bani Hashim mosque is located in RabdanAl Maqta’, Abu Dhabi. It features a Gold Dome and a blue and white facade which is strikingly similar to the Dome of the Rock which is located in Jerusalem’s Old City, an Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount.

Dubai-based photographer Alphaspotting shared these incredible images of the Abu Dhabi mosque

Noting that it looks just like the Jerusalem heritage site

It was actually built in a replica of the Jerusalem structure and has drawn Palestinian worshippers in the Capital for many years as it reminds them of home

Alphashopping dropped the Abu Dhabi location details… If you’d like to visit!

Find it here!

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