14 Things You’ll Know If You’ve Ever Been To A McGettigan’s In Dubai


It’s impossible not to have a soft spot for Dubai’s favourite Irish bar.

Famous for its cheap and cheerful brunches, (not forgetting the infamous ‘drunch’), big matches, (whoever’s playing) and the odd night of fantastic cheese-ball tunes, most of us have definitely visited one of the branches at some point, danced the night away, left in the wee hours and woken up the next day with the mother of all headaches. Such is life. 

Anyway, since there’s a brand-spanking new McGettigan’s just opened at the Madinat, we’ve decided to list some of the things you will know if you’ve spent some time at any of the branches…

1. You know the bouncer will probably remember your face

While you can be forgiven for having a blurry recollection of your last visit, the stalworth bouncer’s memories are in tip-top shape. Hence he’ll probably greet you like an old friend.

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2. You know it’s impossible to nick a book from the ‘bookshelf’

Most of us have tried, only the special few have succeeded.

Screenshot 2016 10 08 At 10 06 22 Am

3…Or (worse still) a log from the log wall

This is usually Friday post-brunch behaviour.

Screenshot 2016 10 08 At 10 07 26 Am

4. You know it’s the best spot for an unbelievable Saturday morning cure fry-up

Your trusty local; Magners on tap and the rashers and sausages on point.


5. You know that brunch followed by ‘drunch’ is a recipe for disaster

‘Drunch’ is how we fondly refer to the unreal post-brunch drinks deal (5pm-8pm AED 199)…and if you can complete both in one day you’re a winner in our eyes.


6. You know it’s always filled with friendly Irish people

This is particularly handy information on St Patrick’s Day…When you’re either Irish, or you’re claiming to be!

Screenshot 2016 10 08 At 10 10 49 Am

7. You know you can get away with rocking up in flip-flops and shorts

Unlike a couple of other places in Dubai, the McGett’s dress code is a little bit more casual.

Screenshot 2016 09 24 At 8 53 53 Pm

8. You know the massivvvvvvvvvve queue is worth it when there’s a gig on

S Club revival anyone?

Screenshot 2016 10 08 At 10 14 59 Am

9. You know to order the mash. No questions asked, it’s just THAT good

(And because it NEARLY tastes like your mums).


10. You know it’s the only place where it’s socially acceptable to take a drink at any hour of the day

Tactical rugby 7s soakage anyone?! They open early, just in time for you to squeeze in their pint (or two) and breakfast deal before you head out.  

Yes Gif 3

11. You know you mentally prepare yourself to take the stairs at JLT


12…And you always take a look down at the beer garden to see who’s out

Giphy 55

13. You know you can be sure you’ll bump into someone you know

Which comes in handy when you inevitably lose all your friends.

Screenshot 2016 09 23 At 3 29 30 Pm

14. You know it’s the spot visiting celebs choose to hang out at too

A lot of touring rugby teams and bands (Stereophonics anyone??) choose pints in McGett’s over some of Dubai’s more pretentious spots. We don’t blame them….


See here for more information about the new McGettigan’s located at Souk Madinat Jumeirah


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