6 Hilarious Stories About Home Deliveries From People In Dubai


Living in Dubai we get used to things we definitely wouldn’t consider ‘standard’ in most parts of the world – deliveries being one of them! 

Imagine life without the delivery guy bringing us our pizza or burgers or bread and eggs! Would be horrible, wouldn’t it? #DubaiProblems, obvs.

But with all the good comes the bit where these guys do mess up (at times). 

Here are some instances shared by readers of the Shop On Click (the official delivery partner of Union Coop allows you to compare prices, choose what you want and have it delivered to your home) competition. 

Each winner gets a voucher worth AED 50 to use on the website.

5. When the food arrives after the guest leaves

“Ordered a Domino’s pizza once for a guest, it came in after she left.” – Reem

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 16 49 13

4. You don’t get what you ordered

“I called carrefour to deliver ice cream for the desert (I had invited friends over for diner) and they simply never delivered! When I called to complain they didn’t seem surprised.” – Aurelie Wurtz


3. When tomato paste becomes toothpaste

“My worst delivery story is having a houseful of guests. And I’m cooking dinner for them and the key ingredient is tomato paste that I have forgotten. I order it and it comes after they have had dessert. And that too he brings three packets of toothpaste. I could have killed him.” – Anand Tahil

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 16 53 27

2. A completely wrong order

“Once ordered salt he brought bananas; still can’t figure out the relation.” – Walaa

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 16 55 31

And these two are the best

So they take home an AED 50 voucher each and both also get a cookery book signed by Marco Pierre White.

1. And he waited…and waited…and waited

“Apart form the usual late deliveries in Dubai specially for groceries. One day I ordered one of the daily items and made sure the guy understood but after the usual delay I followed up to know that the items got delivered to the wrong address and most shocking, the wrong house even paid the bill and accepted the grocery.” – Zeeshan Maqsood 

Screen Shot 2016 12 13 At 16 57 58

How is this even possible?

“There is this small convenience store located on the ground floor of our building. They’re such a big help.They deliver stuff online but sometimes they do replacements with no sense at all. Just like one day I ordered dishwasher tablet any brand I said..They brought me headache tablet(panadol) instead..Woohhh.” – Jovelyn Javinar

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