Ravi Restaurant Is Closing Half Their Shop But It’s Not For The Reasons You Think

Anika Eliz Baby

Yesterday a post was doing rounds on social media regarding Ravi Restaurant employees not being paid for over 15 months.

The Lovin Dubai team also highlighted the post, but the owner, Waseem has clarified the matter to avoid any further confusion.

Here are the key takeaways:


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The staff would not still be working if they haven’t been paid for over 15 months

Waseem has refuted the claim that the workers have not been paid. He further states that he has all the documents to prove the opposite.

The owner has also mentioned that Ravi Restaurant is in fact the workplace of third-generation employees too, which is once again a mark of the restaurant’s credibility.

How is this possible? We have documents to prove that the workers are being paid regularly. We have third generation staff working with us too.


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Ravi Restaurant is closing half of the branch, but it is due to the increase in rent

Waseem has highlighted that the branch is indeed giving up half the space for lease. He adds that this is due to the branch not making enough profit and increased rent prices by the landlords.

The branch sales are very standard, and the rent is not coming down. We are also being asked to re-structure the interiors in a very short period of time which is not possible either.


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This issue should not have had anything to do with Adidas

Waseem further insists that this issue was between the staff and the owners, and has nothing to do with the Adidas x Ravi Restaurants collab that occurred a while ago.

The collaboration took place because Ravi Restaurant represents the community. This should not have had anything to do with the Adidas brand.


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