Abdu Rozik Claps Back At Online Bullies After His Engagement Announcement Video

Farah Makhlouf

Tajikistani boxer and singer Abdu Rozik announced his engagement to an Emirati woman named Amira, last week. This is very exciting news for any couple but unfortunately, Abdu Rozik was met with some negative comments. The internet is filled with trolls and haters, so you’re bound to come across one or two if you’re a creator.

But Abdu Rozik released a video to respond to his bullies and he did it with a lot of grace and kindness


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“I used to be ashamed of who I am and my size” Abdu Rozik said, but he’s learned to embrace who he is

“People get married who are deaf, blind, no arms, no legs but because I’m small you make fun of me” he added. While sharing your achievements and milestones online can be a great way to inspire others, some negativity can seep in. It’s important to trust your gut and believe in yourself.


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