Two Huskies Were Dumped At A Vet By A Owner Who Left To “Get Their Wallet”

Anika Eliz Baby

Two huskies were dumped at a vet by the “owner” who went out to “get their wallet.”

The two long hair huskies were dropped into the vet for a check. The owner left to get their wallet and never came back to get them

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After not hearing from the owner, the vet is forced to look for an urgent foster home to take care of the dogs until they can figure out a safe home.


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This is an urgent plea for adoption, even if temporarily

If they can’t find a foster home, the dogs will have to be put in to a shelter- most of which are already at full capacity. Plus, shelters are not ideal for long hair huskies.

If you, or someone you know can help, please contact Lisa: +971 55 123 9182 

Dubai residents are pushing for stronger laws against those who dump pets

Please be aware of the commitments involved before taking a pet home.

If you cannot take care of them, do not dump them. It is your responsibility to find them a safe, loving home.

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