5 Reasons To Send Your Little Ones To This Children’s Museum In Dubai!

Mayar Ibrahim

As a parent, keeping your little one engaged is getting harder with all the technological advances nowadays… buuuuut you’re in luck! Dubai’s got an interactive children’s museum where your kiddos use and develop their critical thinking, problem solving, motor-skills and more. This is none other than woo-hoo! Children’s Museum and here are 5 reasons why you need to send your little ones there!

5. woo-hoo! Children’s Museum is set to create a thrilling 3-hour adventure for you and your little ones on Weekdays

The ultimate fun zone awaits! woo-hoo! Children’s museum transforms ordinary weekdays into extraordinary adventures with a variety of exhibits, hands-on adventures, and family-friendly workshops. Their activities help strengthen emotional bonds and contribute to a child’s well-being. Join the fun at Children’s Museum woo-hoo! to make every weekday an extraordinary adventure, capturing the joy of family time and creating lasting memories.

Psssst! With the Weekday Explorer Pass, the adventure never stops. Get ready for 3 hours of non-stop excitement, where curiosity rules and creativity reigns supreme.

Offer? Discounted rate for the Weekday Explorer Pass only at 12pm – 3pm


  • Child & Adult: AED 88
  • Toddler & Adult: AED 48
  • Infant & Adult: AED 24

Where? woo-hoo! Children’s Museum

Buy your tickets here.

4. They’ve got over 11 themed galleries for the little ones to explore, hands-on exhibits, and STEM based activities

woo-hoo! Children’s Museum’s goal is to make learning fun and engaging for little ones, all while providing a dynamic space where they can discover and have fun. Also, each exhibit is carefully curated in distinct galleries to create a cohesive and unparalleled arena for learning through hands-on-engagement. Below is a list of their Galleries!


  • Creators Space
  • Clever Climber
  • Cave Explorer
  • Toddler’s Treehouse
  • A-Maze
  • Splash Lab
  • Amplify
  • Up & Awayy
  • Splatter Studio
  • Miners’ Trove
  • woo-town

3. woo-hoo! Children’s Museum have different workshops every single month!

The museum offers a variety of exciting programs every month, including school group activities, summer and winter camps, parent resource classes, community events, and seasonal markets. Families, this is your chance to enjoy their popular annual woo-hooween! competition, and we celebrate events like Ramadan, back-to-school, festive markets, and Mommy mornings. Get ready for continuous joy and learning throughout the year!

Where? woo-hoo! Children’s Museum

Buy your tickets here.


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2. Your little ones are in good hands with their child-focused team of pros!

They consist of professionals committed to the well-being and development of children. The primary goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters the physical, emotional, and mental growth of each kiddo under their care. The best part? This is all done through hands-on play with nonstop fun!

Where? woo-hoo! Children’s Museum

Buy your tickets here.

1. woo-hoo! Children’s Museum has interactive and entertaining birthday packages to make your little ones feel special on their day!

The museum offers a vibrant and interactive setting, turning a birthday celebration into an educational adventure. Kids can explore a variety of hands-on exhibits, engaging in activities that spark creativity and curiosity. This is a unique and memorable way to celebrate a birthday!

woo-hoo!’s Birthday parties starts from AED 120 per child. Their packages include multiple options to choose from – gallery play, workshops, F&B, and many more!

For more information on the workshops, click here.

Where? woo-hoo! Children’s Museum

Check out the birthday offers here.

woo-hoo birthday

The important details:

woo-hoo! Children’s Museum has 11 themed galleries, hands-on workshops, and STEM activities. This museum is dedicated to putting children first!

Where? woo-hoo! Children’s Museum

When? Monday – Thursday

  • 12pm – 3pm for the Weekday Explorer Pass
  • 10am – 7pm for regular open hours

Offer? Discounted rate for the Weekday Explorer Pass at 12pm


  • Child & Adult: AED 88
  • Toddler & Adult: AED 48
  • Infant & Adult: AED 24


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