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BTS Army Is Going Wild With Giveaways After These Visuals Of Taehyung On Burj Khalifa Went Viral

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If there’s ONE fan following in the world that you can trust to go ALL OUT for their celebrities, it is the BTS Army. And HOW can anyone expect them to be lowkey when it is their very own Kim Taehyung’s birthday?

Visuals of Taehyung’s THREE-MINUTE birthday ad are going viral

There is no official confirmation on whether these pictures are authentic yet. BUT, this would make Taehyung the second celebrity to get a birthday spot on the iconic building after Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan.

The viral images show Teahyung’s birthday wishes all over the Burj Khalifa

This army comes with GIVEAWAYS

The BTS army did not stop at trending these pictures. They had over 200 giveaways. YEP, for Taehyung’s birthday party which, by the way, has its own title – ‘La Palette De V’. Gift bags were lined up and how for this big event!

They weren’t going to forget the World’s Largest Fountain

The army was also super happy to watch the fountain at The Pointe dance to the tunes of the BTS song ‘ON’ recently.

The ultimate fan following

This fan following really is the ultimate one in the world! Earlier this year, there was a massive Jimin takeover across The Dubai Mall as all the billboards lit up with his face or his birthday.

Can’t wait to see more of these in 2021. Until then, it’s all about Taehyung!



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