Cricket Star Chirag Suri Says We All Need A Break To Fall Back In love with What We Do Again!


The Lovin Dubai Show welcomed back a friend of the show, cricket player and commentator Chirag Suri who he got to sit down and review the India vs. Pakistan Game, give some wise advice, and more.

The conversation took a reflective turn when the backlash Suri faced after his last appearance, where comments about a high-profile relationship had stirred controversy was brought up. Suri clarified his stance, stating, “It just goes to show how people interpret things. My comments came from a place of happiness for them. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

He further shared how he navigated the situation, issuing an apology video and facing public scrutiny. “It’s not about getting trolled. It was one of those viral moments for me. You learn from it and move on,” he added, displaying a resilient and positive attitude.

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Suri also spoke candidly about the need for mental breaks in a high-pressure sport like cricket. “Sometimes you just need to refresh and reset. It helps you come back more energized and hungry for success,” he explained, highlighting his journey of stepping back and finding motivation again.

With the big game just around the corner, Suri shared his insights. “Cricket is a funny game. On the day, any team can be dangerous,” he noted, referencing Pakistan’s recent shock defeat to the USA. Despite the setback, he expressed confidence in Pakistan’s ability to bounce back.

“Pakistan is like the British weather unpredictable. If they turn up on Sunday, it will be a great game,” Suri said, acknowledging the excitement and unpredictability that surrounds the India-Pakistan rivalry.

Towards the end, Suri wished all teams good luck saying “Good luck to all the teams, and let’s hope for a thrilling contest,” Suri concluded, capturing the excitement of cricket fans worldwide.

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